Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Walk Yesterday

I did finally take Chrome for a walk yesterday. It's cooled off some since we had all the rain but it's still muggy. The weather and Chrome's adventure yesterday didn't phase him at all! He was full of himself!! Last week at work I was writing lists of things I wanted to teach Chrome and I realized I hadn't had him tied up in a long time. I decided to tie him up yesterday while I groomed him before the walk. I want him to learn patience now, not after bad habits kick in. He already dives for the grass when we leave his paddock.

He tested the rope several times, but he never put enough weight into pulling that it worried me at all. As you can see by the close pictures (was not zoomed at all) I was still close enough that I could grab the rope if he started to panic, which he didn't. :)

Looking cute.

He paced around the tree a little bit but as soon as I started grooming him he stood still. Being his typical self though his mouth was busy the whole time. He chewed on the tree and moss (no picture sorry).

Oh and he's definitely going to be a yawner like my Appaloosa mare I had growing up. He yawns when he's anticipating food, when he's bored, when he's tired, when he's frustrated, etc. :)

He chewed on the rope.

Here he is after being groomed. He looks so sleek and shiny. I am so happy he's going to be built athletically. He has his conformation faults like most horses but overall I think he's put together well.

He's not afraid of water. In fact he has fun pawing in it.

I forgot to flip this picture as you can see by the house in the background but I took it to show how much he splashed his face while playing in the puddle. :)

Doing his pretty neck while checking out the trash can.

He is soooo gorgeous. If he ends up built like this when he's grown (minus the butt high lol) I won't be disappointed at all. I've been told he doesn't have enough bone in his legs for a Friesian cross, but I'm not too worried about it. He's going to be a trail horse mainly, so it shouldn't be a problem. It's not like we'll be scaling the Grand Canyon. :)

Like I said he was full of himself. He was shaking his head, crow hopping, just being so silly.

I love how he can flex through his neck!

I'm so happy he's developing such nice self carriage. I love watching him when he's feeling his oats. He's so much fun.

Looking at the dogs further down the road.

Playing with his rope.

Some more goofing around.

This one almost looks like an oil painting. I didn't edit it. It just came out blurry and rich.

This one is blurry too but he's just so cute!

More goofing around.

Blurry again, but I just couldn't delete it.

He's definitely going to be very well collected. Here he was cantering beside me while I ran (and not very fast). He's going to be pretty typical of the Friesian (and the Arab too really) I think where he can collect easily but it'll be a challenge to get him to work long and low and to extend. Gotta love dressage and the challenge of a baroque breed. :)

As always we had to stop and check out the sign on the corner before going home.

He surprised me today by grabbed it and pulling it right off it's stakes! Most horses would be thinking "ahhh it's a bright yellow horse eating monster" and Chrome thinks "yay it's a bright yellow horse toy!!!!!"! LOL Crazy horse. I love that curiosity and confidence. :)

Still playing with the sign.

This is like my new favorite picture. I am so putting it on my desktop background lol.

When we got back he wanted a drink, but he was a little nervous because I had the water on and the hose has a leak so it was spraying water in the air.

But he was brave and got a drink. As you can see I forgot I had the water running so it ran over the whole time I was walking him. Ugh! What a waste.

And yawning again. Maybe he is a little wore out from his great adventures yesterday! :) Hope you enjoyed.


  1. Hurray! I'm not the only one taking my horse for a walk in the hot weather! Isn't it fun? (The walking, not the heat.) Too bad you don't have a river to splash in to cool off.

    I'd be riding, by now, if I wasn't doing so much walking.

    He really seems like a fun horse to be around. I love the photos.

  2. That's brilliant, I love the way he is checking out that sign! He's got the makings of a great trail horse if he's not phased by all this stuff. All credit to your handling and exposing him to as much new stuff as possible, great job! ;D

    Star also chews the rope when she's tied, and she is always yawning too, must be my company, lol! :D

  3. Aw...Chrome is such a beauty! Love the way he arches his neck...and how cute the way he played with that sign! he's got a better "Hold" than Honey - ha! ha!

    Sorry to hear that you were feeling down a few posts back but glad you're feeling more yourself again!


  4. Chrome is growing more and more beautiful, and he is getting more and more of his "Rose gray" coloring, I see. You are doing a GREAT job with him. He still has a few years of growing and filling out to do before you'll know exactly what he will look like, but he sure is going in the right direction! Has he already been gelded, or are you going to leave him for a while until he fills out more? These pictures really show his stuff! He is a joy to look at!


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