Sunday, July 4, 2010

Redneck Ingenuity

My friend canceled our plans for the fourth, so it looks like I'll be at home keeping Storm company. She doesn't like fireworks, but isn't destructive or anything. She just pants and paces. Check out what we built below.

Below is a picture of our redneck ingenuity (although credit goes to our wonderful mailman for the idea).

We turned our old computer desk that we weren't using anymore into nest boxes for the chickens!! There are eleven full sized boxes and six bantam boxes. They were suspicious at first, but have finally started laying in them. :) It's not much to look at but it serves it's purpose and kept an old desk from going to waste.

And of course I wouldn't be me (completely obsessed horse nut) if I didn't include a picture of Chrome inspecting our finished product. I hauled the bottom half into the pasture with my nifty gorilla cart and he had to give it a once over (as he does with anything that is brought into his pasture). :)

I love this last picture! He looks so mature and gorgeous. One of my reader's said she thinks he's going through a pretty stage and I have to agree. He's just beautiful. I know I'm a biased mother. ;D Can you see the gray ring around his eyes? It's actually fun to watch the stages of his color change. And to think I said I would never own a gray . . . goes to show you should never say never. :) Have a happy fourth of July! I'm going to try to salvage the rest of mine with a good book, some soothing music and my Jackal pup to cuddle with. Good night!


  1. Hope you had a good fourth of July with your animal friends :)

    I just love that nestbox, that is so cool what a fab idea! And Chrome just looks stunning as ever ;D

  2. What a clever idea!

    I would have rather spent the fourth with a book instead of sitting on the ground with thousands of people watching yet another fireworks display with my boyfriend. Then battling traffic to get home. Ho hum...

    Next year, I'm going to say no to the fireworks.


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