Saturday, July 10, 2010

Exciting News!

Remember the Pekin ducks I raised last year? If you weren't following at that time you can click here to see all of the posts related to them on my old blog. The exciting news is that they've hatched out one of their own little ducklings! He's (or she) the only one who hatched out of twenty eggs but I'm still proud of them for doing it all on their own. Isn't he sooooo cute??

I haven't seen the adorable little fellow yet in person. My parents took these pictures and sent them to me. :) I'm so happy they're doing so well and hatching out their own babies. Since we now have the lease land (which has two ponds) I might have to get some duck eggs to incubate and hatch out for here at home again. I sure do miss the little guys. :)


  1. Such a cutie!! How exciting to know that the ducks are into their second generation.

  2. They are gorgeous! ;D

    It will be great if you get ducks to go on your pond as I know you've posted in the past about how much you've missed your ducks :)


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