Thursday, July 1, 2010

Aslan Loves Water!

The ceremonial cutting of the ribbon, lol!

We finally signed the lease on the land! Today we cut the chain on the gate since it's official. :) We took Aslan and the goats out for the first time today. They loved it!

Aslan has discovered that he LOVES water! I thought for a minute that he was going to drown because he wore himself out then went too far. :) My husband was ready to go in after him, but he seemed to figure out what was going on and swam back to us. Silly dog.

They were all a little tentative, but quickly discovered the all you can eat buffet on the other side.

Aslan ran his little puppy legs off.

Then he found the pond and the fun began.

The goats made pigs of themselves while Aslan played.

More pictures of Aslan.

After his near drowning incident we made him leave the pond and chill with the goats a while.

I hope he learns to stay close to them. When I went out earlier he was off near the neighbor's fence exploring. Hmmm . . . he may have to be tied up when he's out there for a while.


  1. Brilliant news, they all look so happy! ;D

  2. He's looking so grown up! What a beautiful boy!
    And congrats on expanding! :)
    Tail wags,

  3. Oh dear, stupid PeeWee is the same way. He would swim forever. I guess adding water makes some doggies cracker dog.

    Look at all the foodables for my goat friends. Paradise!


  4. Great idea to consolidate. Now I have to grab your new address. I just want you to know, I still love to read what you have to say, I just hit a wall. I ran out of time and I'm still playing catch up since basically March. Good to see everyone's doing well :)

  5. Great to hear about your new acquisition... looks like great news for your goats AND your pup! Wow! Real running water on "your" property! WONDERFUL!


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