Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ends & Odds

Thank you everyone for your kind and helpful thoughts. I really appreciate it. :)

It's been extremely hot here! We've been under heat advisory for a couple of weeks now with a heat index of over 105F everyday. I actually really enjoy the hot weather and was outside mowing today when I suddenly felt very dizzy and also felt like I was going to puke. I didn't feel very hot, but had a hard time making it back to the house. When I finally collapsed on the couch my heart was pounding as though I'd been running for twenty minutes straight.

After my heart rate returned to normal I took a cool shower, but it still took almost half a hour to cool off. It was pretty scary because I never even felt it coming on!! I'll never ignore a heat advisory ever again. Wow! Lesson learned, but I'm okay.

On a different note my husband and I have been working on building a turkey house so the baby turkeys can move into a grown up house instead of the little brood box. They'll be so happy to be able to move around and grow. Here's what we have so far . . .

Yep, the floor. :) Between the heat and my husband's work schedule (twelve hour days, seventy hours a week) we just haven't had time to do much. Luckily the roof is already built. Remember that triangle goat house I showed you? We're putting walls up and putting it on top to make the roof. :) I'll post pictures whenever we finish it.

Anyway below are a few more pictures for your enjoyment. :)

Can you see the dressage horse potential in him??

Click to enlarge this shot. You have to see his lips!!

Well Zep says it's time to eat, so see you later!!


  1. Zep looks like he's sayin 'Hey over here!!! I'm STARVIN OVER HERE!!!'

  2. Oh do be careful of the heat. Yes, it can sneak up on you and then you are super over heated and it takes forever to cool off.

    What is up with the lips? Goofball!


  3. Glad you got back inside to cool off from the heat. Because of our altitude, we are not used to extreme heat, so I have to be very aware of it when outdoors (which I am a lot). Today, we hiked in the morning and then crashed inside for a few hours this afternoon.

    P.S. - I really need to get out and mow the big field, but the heat also means that the grass is not growing that bad. At least that is my excuse.

  4. Lol- wrinkle nose!

    Yep, I can see him now, with you riding him, in the dressage ring. Nice!

    I love your orangey sun photo.


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