Monday, August 8, 2011

Belated Sunday Stills

The Sunday Stills challenge for last week was sunsets and sunrises. I was too busy to get any pictures until last night so I'm a day late posting. Also to my followers I'm going to start doing my workout posts on Mondays so I won't have to double post when I do my Sunday Stills post. To see more Sunday Stills go here.

So which is your favorite? I also changed my copyright because I feel like the plain font was making my photos ugly lol.


  1. My favorite?...All of them! If I may ask, where is that, it looks so peaceful and beautiful. I suppose, I could say I like the photo of your hubby sitting and fishing, it really described to me how peaceful it is.

  2. I like the the new font too, very glamorous.

  3. Oh.

    Those are absolutely beautiful! I love the second from the top. That reflection is gorgeous.



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