Sunday, August 7, 2011

Workout Week Four

I did really horrible this week! Between no air conditioner at work and working on repairs around the farm I just didn't have the time or energy to work out. I will do better this week though I promise!

Week Four

Strength Training: Wednesday & Sunday
Yoga/Pilates: None
Biking: Thursday (2 miles) & Sunday (2 miles)
Walking: Tuesday (1 mile)

Yeah, not great. I guess I just didn't feel like doing anything because after sitting at work for 6-8 hours in 100F degree temps I didn't feel like going home and sweating some more lol. Not to mention I had a work dinner I had to go to and I had to help a friend move on Monday in the 120F heat index temps (I sweated enough for that to count as a workout hehe). I'll do better this week.


  1. Thanks for visiting. Wow. Gypsy King is some gorgeous boy. Just catching up....

  2. Well, you may not have gotten as much tone as you maybe wanted, but I bet you lost some weight, with all the sweating, not sure if that's wanted or not. Sounds really miserable to work without A/C. I'd be a bit cranky to say the least.


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