Monday, August 15, 2011

Workout Week Five

Yay only one more week left to my six week challenge! The main reason I'm excited is to change to a different routine. This one is getting too easy and boring. For the last week I'm going to up the weight to forty pounds, except on the bicep curls. For some reason I'm still having trouble with them. Even at thirty five pounds I can only do two sets of eight reps when I'm doing two sets of fifteen reps on everything else. I think I'm even going to decrease the weight on them back to thirty pounds. It's really weird that everything else is progressing so quickly except for those. Maybe I need to do more bicep curls with free weights during my workout days or something. Not sure. Any weight lifters out there with advice?

Week Five
Strength Training: Wednesday, Friday & Sunday
Yoga/Pilates: None
Biking: Wednesday (2 miles), Thursday (2 miles) & Friday (2 miles)
Walking: Sunday (1.4 miles)

The reason I switched from biking to walk Sunday is because Jackal has a leg injury (not serious, just needs a break) and this is the second time he's been hurt while biking so I'm going to stop taking them. I'll still bike solo, but I'll also be taking the pups for a walk/jog. I forgot that different muscles are used in walking and biking. That 1.4 mile walk/jog almost killed me lol. Just kidding.

I did all of my Bowflex workouts on thirty five pounds. Two sets of ten to fifteen reps. I haven't done any Yoga or Pilates. Bad me!


  1. I just have to ask...Is it fun? I am 5'2" 90 lbs soaking wet, so weight loss is not an issue. However, I would really like to gain more strength and flexibility, but the only partner I have is Fred...he's no help. Do you just grind out the work out or do you actually enjoy it? Or is it really after the work out is done that is the good part? Just wonderin'...

  2. Great job! I agree with the boring part. I always have to mix it up or I won't do it.
    Keep at it!


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