Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dog Walk

Crappy picture because of the shadow, but the best I got lol.

I just thought I would share some pictures of the dogs from their walk the other day. :) We decided to pose on a rock by a neighbor's driveway and I think they turned out nice. Especially Stormy's.

Jackal on the other hand was too tired to pose hehe. At home in the air conditioning he poses really cute though. :D

Especially when using my feet as a pillow.

And for fun here is a picture of my neighbor's cute Siberian Husky. :D


  1. Storm did a wonderful job posing. Others, well, just not in to the glamor shots I suppose.

    Thanks for your good thoughts about Mango. I kind of laughed when you said "snake" because we don't see many of those in these parts. Since I had just mowed the lawn, even if the odd garter snake was about it is doubtful it would have been in the yard where Mango roams, but you never know. Still watching the foot. Still disturbingly large.

    Mango Momma

  2. You've got some cutie pies over there!
    Jackal and that Siberian Husky are absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Well, we like Jackal's homey photos! And Storm's more glorious one.

    Just wanted to let you know our less than stellar assistant finally got your mirror ball trophy mailed to celebrate your win for Best Costume in Honey's Dancing With The Doggie Stars contest. You may have forgotten that we volunteered to provide the mirror ball trophies this year and we couldn't blame you, as long as it took mama to actually get it done. Mazel tov!

    Jed & Abby

  4. Hi Jed and Abby! I didn't forget, but I know how busy everyone is so I'm patient. :) You guys are great for volunteering. I hope Honey's competition becomes an annual thing because that was so much fun! Maybe Storm could participate next year. Thanks for the compliments on our pictures.


  5. All very cute poses from the pups. How could any of them take a bad picture when they are so cute.


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