Saturday, August 6, 2011


Okay, I used to ask people if they would prefer to be too cold or too hot and then I'd be amazed when they said too cold (I get cold very easily), now I think I understand . . .

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we had no working air conditioner at work (for six to eight hour shifts). . . none! We had both doors open and fans blowing, but it was still 100F inside the building. With the doors open it was very muggy too so there's no telling what the heat index was. The heat index for all three days outside was 120F!! And it felt hotter inside than outside. I was so hot by Friday I almost passed out. I was very dizzy and nauseous, but ice wrapped in a wet rag revived me. It totally sucked. Now I have to reconsider my answer to that question. :)

Thankfully we have air conditioning now. And yes I think it was dangerous and very stupid that they didn't close the store down (or let us close it down). We didn't even get a thank you for risking our health to keep their stupid store open. If they hadn't gotten the new unit put in last night I wasn't going to show up for work today. There is only so much I can handle. I don't even want to go outside to play with the horses and Chrome really needs a bath. :( I'll just wait until dark. Anyway the point of this long pointless, random post is that I'm sorry I haven't been posting much lately, but things have been kind of hectic.


  1. Oh yes, too cold beats too hot. Besides, when it is cold, people tend to hunker down and there is less crime. Heat? Makes people grouchy and stupid.

    Mango Momma

  2. Now you know why my horse is bay, LOL. Hang in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I prefer the heat. But not necessarily in the 100's!
    Hope it cools down for you. We have finally gotten some sunny, warm weather, but now that summer just arrived, fall is right around the corner! Sigh....


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