Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jackal's Prize

Jackal's other prize for winning Best Costume in Honey's Dancing With the Doggie Stars Contest arrived. I'll let the pictures tell the story . . .

"Look at what I got in the mail!"

"It smells like Jed and Abby."

"Open it mom!"

"Fine I'll do it."

"Hmm, doesn't smell like cookies."

"A disco ball?"

"Where are my cookies?"

"Thanks Jed and Abby! For the ball . . . I can't even chew on or fetch . . ."

"Whoa! Lights! This is awesome! Thanks guys!"

"Cool, but why was mom trying to shove it in my face? Sheesh. The lights are really great though."

Well Jed and Abby, Jackal may not be overly impressed but I sure love the disco ball. :) Jackal's favorite part was the packaging . . .

Those eyes melt my squishy little heart.

I hope you guys enjoyed the picture. We sure enjoyed receiving our package, opening it and watching the pretty disco ball. :) You guys are great!


  1. Now if Jackal were a cat, he'd have a grand old time chasing all those silver bugs crawling around every time the balls spins. Congrats, Jackal!

  2. THe disco ball is the best! Maybe you just weren't in the mood for dancing right at that moment. Congratulations again.


  3. Hey, Jackal! We're glad the ball got there in one piece. We TOLD mama that no doggie was going to care about a dumb mirror ball trophy, but she assured us the pawrents would appreciate the effort to duplicate the DWTS TV show trophy and that Honey was sending the treats for the doggie winners to enjoy. Maybe next year she'll listen to us and just send doggie treats wrapped in reflective silver paper instead.

    BTW, you and Abby really look quite a lot alike, except you're brindle and she's rust colored.

    Jed & Abby


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