Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Stills - Macro Shots and Close Ups

This week for Sunday Stills was Macro shots or close ups (for those without macro settings). I took some of both hehe. These pictures were taken on my birthday.


My favorite brand of jeans because it's the only store in town that carries my size lol.

Cute baby toad. He was about the size of a quarter, so tiny and cute!

Side mirror of the car on the way home.

Not a close up but had to include my hubby because he's so cute. :D


  1. These are awesome! I was leaning towards the jean shot with the grommet, but I must say my fav is the mirror shot!!

  2. The jeans shot is very cool. The water droplets are as well. Nicely shot!

  3. Great shots, happy belated B-Day..:-)

  4. Love the mirror picture... and the toad is adorable!


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