Friday, April 4, 2014

A to Z - D is for Dogs, Duh! (picture intensive again)

 This is my current dog, but I'll tell you more about him in a minute.

I love dogs!  I also forgot to mention I love photography as well, so I hope you don't mind a million pictures.  :D  My family had a lot of dogs when I was growing up.  We had a Bullmastiff, German Shepherds, Shetland Sheepdogs, a  Labrador Retriever, a Pointer, a Redbone Coonhound and lots of mutts.  I don't have pictures of most of them and it would take me days to tell you about all of them.  I always considered those dogs family dogs though.  My favorite breed of dog is the Siberian Husky (with German Shepherds a very close second) and I wanted one, so when I was sixteen I got one as a birthday present to myself.  Storm was the first dog that was all MINE and not a family dog.  I chose her, trained her, raised her, etc.

She was an adorable puppy!

She won that bandanna in a raffle.  :D

She was great at posing!  I set up the shavings and hay specifically for a photo shoot.

Waving was the first trick she learned (well besides sit, down, stay, etc.).

She was the most gorgeous dog on the whole planet.

We had an amazing twelve years together, but sadly a month ago I had to put her to sleep because of kidney failure.  My heart is still broken from losing her.  She was the best first dog a girl could ever have.

I don't want this to be a sad post though, so I'll tell you about my current dog Jackal.  I got Jackal in 2008 as a puppy because Storm was on her own and I thought she needed a companion.  Jackal is a Beagle/Mountain Cur cross.  I've trained him using clicker training and he knows over 40 tricks!  :D  Here are some pictures.

Jackal with Storm in 2008 when he was a puppy.

He was such an adorable puppy!!!!

This was his very first day home.  He missed his mom and my hubby was giving him cuddles.

He's good at posing too!

Is he not the cutest??

And because I miss my Stormy girl and they are so cute together, here are some of my favorite of the two of them together.

 Posing the two of them together can be difficult!
I LOVE having a solid trained Sit/Down/Stay on my dogs. :D

 I also don't want to leave my mom's dog out. Mac is a Yorkshire Terrier.

 He is a fetching machine!

I hope you enjoyed learning more about my dogs (past and present) and I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  This whole blog has been about my dogs, so if you want to learn more have fun browsing around.  :)


  1. very beautiful dogs. Thank you for sharing them with us.


  2. I'm a bit dog crazy, myself. On my phone, 2/3 of the pictures are of my dogs!


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