Friday, April 25, 2014

A To Z - V is for Veggies!

I was going to share more pictures, but since the rain is making everything impossible I stole this picture my mom took.  :D  This shows the raised flowerbeds we built for her so she can grow veggies this year.  She has a bad back so it's hard to her to bend down to tend to veggies that are on the ground.

We built it with crossties, cut and staggered for strength and then nailed together with those really long nails.  Another useful tip, if you decide to use those make sure to pre drill a hole!  They bend very easily if you just start attacking it with the sledge hammer.

Then we used our tractor (sooooo happy we managed to get a tractor before the injury/job loss/moving drama happened) to put in dirt and old piles of horse manure from the pasture.  We have since added decorative fencing because the ducks thought it was their own personal throne and wanted to kill the plants!!

Mom planted squash, cucumbers and tomatoes (okay so veggies and fruit hehe) and so far they look great!  I'll try to get more pictures after the A to Z challenge is over.  Right now I'm packing for a surprise anniversary trip my hubby is taking me on this weekend.  I still need to think of something for my W post and get it scheduled so I don't miss it when we leave tonight.  I'll get caught back up on everyone's blogs when we get back!


  1. Have fun on your weekend!! I would say post "Weekend" but you don't know what is happening yet!


  2. Thank you! I'm really excited! Weekend would have been a great one, but you're right I have no idea where we are going hehe. I think I have a good idea for W so everything is fine. Now I just have to hurry and finish then pack. :)


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