Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A To Z - S is for Sunning

 For today's post I'm going to share some pictures my husband took of a turkey vulture Sunning on a tree in our yard.  He's getting really good at using my camera!  :D

Love this!

 Taking a break from sunning to look around.

 Back to sunning...

 ... and now the other side hehe.

 He was in a really tall tree.  The bottom of this shot is at the tops of the buildings.

I took this last one.  :)

Isn't that so cool??  Vultures may not be the prettiest birds around, but they are definitely cool to watch and photograph!  I hope you enjoyed my husband's pictures.


  1. I love vultures.. they have a lot of awesome characteristics and adaptations. I may use that as my V for this challenge. Maybe. ;)


  2. I actually love vultures- the world would be a pretty darn stinky place without them- plus I like their soaring way above us!


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