Sunday, April 20, 2014

Curtains! And Dogs!

Since Sunday is our day off from the A To Z challenge, I thought I would update you all on a few things.  First I want to show you my curtains.  For those of you just joining us, my husband and I built a new house on my parent's (and grandparent's) property and it's still not done.  I don't have a kitchen, but other than that most of it is done except for finishing touches (like the curtains).  We still have interior doors and trim to paint, but I'll get to it someday lol.

For now though I want to tell you about my curtains.  I ordered curtains for my whole house right before I moved in.  They all worked great except for the French doors (they sent the wrong length), so I had to reorder them.  I also had a get a longer pole for a curtain rod since mine are wider than the window it was on before.  Well then the longer pole is thicker so we had to trim out the mounts so it would sit down in them right.  Finally, it is all done and I love it!  By the way these are Walmart blackout curtains and I LOVE them!!  My bedroom is so dark you can sleep in the daytime without the light bothering you.  It helps keep the house cool in the summer too.  They aren't that expensive either.  :D

So here is a picture.

The thing hanging above it is my wire for a surround sound system we will put in someday.  Sorry I forgot to pick up my dog's bones and that random fishing bobber lol.  The French doors are so wide I put three curtains on them and gathered one at each side and one in the middle.  I never really open that door so it's not bothersome at all.  Also the curtain is a dark chocolate brown, the pole and mounts are black to match my black trim.  Did you notice something outside my window?

This is without the flash on.

Yep, my donkey was grazing out in the yard!  The French doors definitely have the best view in the house!

Now for an update on the dogs.  First up is my mom's Yorkie Mac... please don't laugh! I gave him a haircut and I've never, ever shaved a dog before.  I had to use scissors on his legs and face because my clippers weren't strong enough to get through the thick hair, so it's a bit uneven, but I think it makes him look rugged.  What do you think?  I love how his ears stand up a bit better without the long hair on them.

Here is a picture of him with his hair longer for a comparison.  It also shows you how fat Jackal was...

I know this is a different angle, but I took it to hopefully show you that Jackal is starting to get a waist again!!

So far I haven't cut back on his food.  I just made sure no one was feeding him dog food, treats or scraps and started exercising him again.  He's slowly, but surely improving.  I haven't taken him back to weigh him in a while, but I'll do that when the A To Z challenge is over and I'll get some better comparison pictures.  :)

I'll be back to my A To Z posts tomorrow.  I need to go get caught up reading all of your blogs now.  Later!


  1. window treatments make a house look finished! And those look lovely.

    I also think you did a good job on the dog trimming.

  2. The curtains are lovely and you have an awesome view! I think you did a great job cutting hair for the first time. My dog sees a groomer here in Switzerland and this woman does all the cutting with scissors. Absolutely no clippers used. I was amazed. Not only do the cuts come out pretty clean (the fact that there are never any clipper trails tells me she doesn't use clippers) but she gets my dog done in two hours. I think thats impressive for someone using just scissors.



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