Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A To Z - N is for New

 N is for New!  As in...

New blooms...

My grandparent's gorgeous Azalea bush.
It almost glows when the sun hits it!!
I did not edit the colors in this photo.

Dogwood tree is blooming too!

New butterflies migrating in for summer...

 The Azalea is so colorful it made the butterfly pale in comparison!

 He really was a gorgeous yellow though.

New life...

 My friend's Friesian mare delivered this gorgeous purebred Friesian colt four days ago!

 Isn't he handsome??

(More) New life...

 Two of my chickens hatched out new baby chicks!!!

 As best I can tell there are four black ones and three brown ones.
The funny thing is how they will hide under either hen hehe.

(More almost here, but not quite) new life...

Two of my ducks are sitting on about fifteen eggs a piece so we will have ducklings soon too!  I wish they had hatched out before this post, but instead I'll post a picture of momma sitting on her eggs inside of a hollow tree.  :D

That's all the new stuff I have around the farm for today!  I hope you enjoyed seeing all of them.


  1. Baby animals! That's one of the best things about spring! :) And that Azalea is beautiful! I didn't know it's so beautiful flower.


  2. If spring is about anything it is about new life, such lovely pictures, thanks for sharing

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Wow so many beautiful new things. And adorable new things! I'm jealous of the Friesian! They are so beautiful!



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