Friday, April 11, 2014

A To Z - J is for Jobs

I've been a babysitter, a stablehand, a customer service rep, a receptionist, a manager and I've worked in fast food.  Of all my jobs, babysitting I think is my least favorite... I like kids sometimes, can't stand them other times, they all love me, but they totally exhaust me.  Not my favorite job.  My second least favorite job is being a manager... because it's so much like babysitting... OMG people learn your dang job and show up to work on time and stop calling me on my days off!!!!

My favorite job was being a stablehand at a dressage stable.  I learned a lot, I love horses (it should be obvious on my blogs that I'm obsessed lol) and I loved the people.  That place was like my second home.  The only thing I didn't enjoy was working outdoors in all weather... rain, extreme heat, snow, ice, lightning, etc. especially as I've gotten older and spoiled to working indoors.  So although it was my favorite job it's not something I really want to do professionally again.... I love me an inside job!  My second favorite job was being a customer service rep!  I loved having my own desk and talking to and meeting a lot of new people and helping them.  I've always loved helping people.

The job I think everyone should try at least once?  Fast food!  You learn so much in fast food.  You learn to deal with idiots, how to keep a happy demeanor when your job sucks and to always appreciate and not take for granted the people who serve you.  Servers are NOT robots and they are NOT your slaves so don't treat them like objects or inferior beings.  That happens a lot more than you would think and it would do those people a lot of good to work in fast food (or serving in a restaurant) for a while to get a dose of their own medicine.

I like working with the public, but I don't like working with coworkers if that makes any sense.  The customers have always been awesome (well not always, I have been cussed out and threatened), but coworkers are usually a total drag.  They complain, don't show up, don't do their jobs, etc.  I've had a few good coworkers but for the most part I like to work alone as long as I'm meeting a lot of new people and helping people (in person or on the phone).  That's strange right?  I also have to stay busy!  I get bored with a lot of downtime.

Also my biggest problem with most of my jobs?  Male bosses!!  I've only had one good male boss and he was gay!  The others have been rude, arrogant morons.  I had one male boss say I should dance on a stripper pole to bring in business!!  I very much prefer to work for women (or gay men).  Oh wait there was one other guy that was a good boss.  He was very kind and almost fatherly hehe.  The rest were all jerks.

So what was your favorite job?  Your least favorite?  Do you like your coworkers and bosses?


  1. Favorite job is anything working with animals. Most rewarding is being able to work with them and not simply clean after them.

    Least favorite job was sales. I'm not made for making cold calls. I feel like I'm bothering people.


  2. I enjoy for my job, to be creative.

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    Jeremy [Retro]
    AtoZ Challenge Co-Host [2014]

    Old is the New Cool...

  3. I worked in fast food for about a year when I was in my early twenties. It was hard work. Interestingly, I liked my fellow employees more than the customers. The one thing that I didn't like was it was about 100 years ago and girls had to wear dresses to work and they had to be short (seriously, the manager would make you pin up the hem if it wasn't short enough). Ugh.

    Every job is harder than it looks. I am so happy for the experience I had prior to settling in to my long term career type work.

    Sounds like working in the stable was really good for you. But, yes, being outside gets old after a few years.

    Mango Momma

  4. MM, wow that sucks about the dresses! I'm glad dress codes are slacks now usually hehe. I worked at the stable for three years and the only reason I left was I needed something that paid better. If I'd never stopped working there I'd probably be fine working outside, but after having an inside job I'm spoiled hehe. :)

    The reason I had problems with the employees at the fast food place is because one woman was MEAN! I swear she was the rudest, most obnoxious woman I've ever met and she didn't like me because the manager did like me and she used to be the "favorite". The other employees were either drug addicts or rude, spoiled teenagers... so yeah not the greatest people to work with.


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