Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pictures of Pups (and Horse) Playing!

I let the dogs out onto the lease land a few days ago and got lots and lots of pictures!!!!! Over a hundred actually so this is only some of them. :) Here goes!

This is in the yard while I was letting Aslan out.

Storm and Aslan get along a lot better than I would ever have thought.

He's still all clumsy puppy even if he's twice as big as Jackal.

My gorgeous Stormy.

Finally out on the lease land.

I had to take turns letting them play together.
I quickly learned that having all three loose at once is bad lol.

There's too much mischief to get into (specifically the pond)
to supervise all three at one time.

Storm was the best behaved. Probably because she's nine years old. :)

Aslan listened well for the most part, but there's
no way to keep that dog out of the pond.
Glad he lives outside with the goat herd. :)
They can all stink together hehe.

Can you believe how tiny Aslan makes Jackal look?

These two are the most stubborn.
In this picture they were completely ignoring me.

Chrome heard me calling the dogs and had to trot out and check out what was happening.

I had to chase him away because he was trying to stomp on the dogs' heads.
He doesn't like small critters other than his chickens.

Doggy butts was mostly what I saw lol.

Chrome trying to chase Storm down. That old girl can still move!
She finally learned that coming to me keeps her safe from the horse.

Trotting back after I chased him away again hehe.
Curious bugger. :)

Happy Storm.

Chrome was sniffing Jackal.
Jackal just wanted loose with Storm and wasn't paying attention.

Then Chrome decides to bite Jackal. Butt face colt.
Jackal was fine.

Aslan looks funny hopping over the briar bushes. :)

Doesn't Storm look pleased to have a tag along?

Jackal got his turn again. Smart, obedient Storm got to be loose the whole time. :)

Lots to sniff.

I always catch Jackal in this strange run stride. :(
I think he's front heavy lol.

Being nice now. :)

Jackal looks like a fatty, but he's really not.
He just has the loose hound dog skin.

Walking back to the house together.

Storm is wore out and hot on the walk back.
Oh and she managed to get in the pond and hurt her paw on something. :(
She'll be fine though. She just holds it up sometimes.

Chrome saying bye until next time.

I'll try to get the rest of the pictures up tomorrow if I have time to finish editing them.


  1. Looks like you, Chrome, Jackal, Aslan and Storm had a BLAST! Great photos.

  2. awesome photos!!

    Looks like everyone had a good time. :)

  3. Great pics, looks like such fun :)

  4. Aw...what fantastic pictures!! Can't decide whether I like the horse or dog ones better!

    ps. that was so nice of you to catch up on all our back posts and leave comments too! I was very touched - thank you!

  5. Wow, Aslan sure is tall. Looks like everybody got along pretty well.

  6. Oh, they all look like they are having so much fun!


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