Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Rest of the Dog Playing Pictures

Okay here are the rest of the pictures from last week. This was after we came back into the yard from the lease land. I put Jackal up because he wasn't listening, then I let Storm and Aslan play some more.

Aslan loves following Storm.

He's like the pesky little brother who won't leave you alone.

My little curly Q tails. Look at the height difference! Storm is 23 inches tall!

Aslan checking out the cat.

This is the expression I get sometimes when I tell her highness to do something. :)

A little playing. They're sizing each other up. :)

Then Storm hears something . . .

Mmm smells good.

What's in there?!

I oblige and open the door.


See them looking up at their perches for an escape route? Poor birds. Time for Storm to go.

Wandering around because they're wore out.

Aslan giving me the stink eye.

More following.

Aslan giving Storm a sniff.

More play!

Aslan apparently has a second burst of energy.

Storm isn't impressed.

Look at Aslan's ears! Cute!

I think she's getting tired of being followed. Look at that expression!

I like how this one turned out.

Then I decided to get a picture of them sitting next to each other.

It didn't go so well. They didn't want to cooperate.

This is the best I ended up with. Sassy Stormy.

Now she's happy because he left lol.

Showing off her other side. Sorry hon it's just as evil as the other side. :)

Aslan went back to pestering.

She sort of took the bait.

Don't these look like two happy dogs??


  1. Great pics, I can't get over how big Aslan is, certainly think you picked the right name for him! :)


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