Friday, October 7, 2011

Gone Fishing

I love the light sparkles off the water in this shot. :D

We went to our favorite fishing spot last week and had so much fun fishing, walking dogs and taking pictures. Here are some of the ones I took.

My friend's awesome Pit Bull Dusty.

Cute little squirrel. I think this shot turned out awesome!

Dusty is so sleek, athletic and muscular. I love her! :)

Her other dog Lady. She has such a pretty face and I love her white toes just like Jackal's.

Dusty's cute little black tail spot.

Lady's exhausted. She's on a diet and slow exercise program to get her back into shape.

I like how the sun and shadows are on this picture.

I love a Pit Bull smile!

Napping after our walk.

And sunset shots.

Really cool airplane and contrails.

I think this is probably the nicest moon shot I've ever taken. :)

I love this spot. We had so much fun fishing and grilling hot dogs and walking dogs. We even saw the adorable little mink again. I'll have to post that one later.


  1. How beautiful! Seems like a great place :)


  2. what fantastic photos! Don't know which ones are more gorgeous – the beautiful ones of the scenery or the ones of the doggie smiles! :-)



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