Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Workout Week Thirteen

Week Thirteen

Strength Training: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
Yoga/Pilates/Tae Bo: None
Biking: Wednesday (1/8th mile)
Walking/Running: Tuesday (1/4th mile) and Friday (4.4 miles)

Okay, so I was feeling like I hadn't done enough, but I guess I did okay. Working out three days a week is better than none. :)

I took the dogs on both walks, but the 4.4 mile one was too far. Poor Jackal has been limping around since then. He's been much better today. He's had problems with his left rear leg before so I'm not panicking about it. We just did too much. I'll shorten his walk again and slowly lengthen them back out. I need to get more consistent with them too. It's difficult though because I despise the stupid cold weather. Sigh. I think that's why I'm feeling unmotivated in general. The shorter days are killing me.

Back to work . . . oh and sorry this was so late.

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