Monday, October 31, 2011

Workout Week Fifteen

Week Fifteen

Strength Training: Monday (Upper/Abs), Tuesday (Lower), Wednesday (Upper) and Thursday (Lower/Abs)
Yoga/Pilates/Tae Bo: None
Dancing: Twice this week, don't remember which days.
Biking: Monday (2 miles)
Walking/Running: Monday (1.4 mils), Tuesday (1 mile) and Sunday (2 miles)

I did better on weights, but not so great on cardio. When it's so cold I find it hard to get motivated to go walking/running/biking, so I'm pulling the treadmill out of it's summer hiding spot. :)

I alternated an upper/lower routine on the Bowflex. I'm slowly increasing my weight (resistance actually), but I think I'm going too slow because I'm rarely ever sore . . . that's right, isn't it? I'm supposed to increase the weight by five pounds when I can do fifteen reps of the exercise perfectly, but I get lazy and lump them all together because I don't like switching out the tension rods between each exercise. I'll try to do better with that.

The dancing is actually belly dancing. I've been wanting to learn how and finally found an informative DVD on Netflix that breaks down the moves, so I've been practicing that. I only practiced with the DVD twice, but I was practicing some of the individual moves on my own almost every day. :) It's fun, but it's so hard to separate the different body parts and then try to coordinate them doing completely different things at the same time (haven't made it that far yet lol). Hopefully this will help me with my coordination and muscle control (yay for dressage!). :)

The cardio I started out doing well, but then it got cold lol. Time to start running intervals on the treadmill. Just have to figure out how to get the dogs to trot on it with me . . . hehehe. (note: I know to be careful with dogs around treadmills, it can be very dangerous)

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