Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (well almost)

Please ignore my ugly yellow stove (came with the house), unfinished floors, nasty wallpaper and lack of baseboards, door and door framing. This house is definitely a work in progress hehe.

P.S. Oh and recall won on Jackal's poll, so I'll get started on that right away. :)


  1. It's love that makes a house a home, and you obviously love all your home's inhabitants.

  2. Just like our estate... always under construction. Our last place had the yellow stove beat... ours was PINK!

    Mango Momma

    P.S. Great photo of you and Jackal.

  3. Aw...that is a WONDERFUL picture of you & Jackal!!! Who cares about the background when the smiles are so gorgeous? :-)



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