Saturday, October 22, 2011

Self Timer Photo Shoot

I went to one of my husband's classes because they were having a discussion on photography. I learned some tips and decided to try some of them out. He also mentioned using a self timer for moon shots to prevent blur and that reminded me that I've never used my self timer. So I tried it out. Some turned out great and some are very overexposed. Let me know what you think.

This one looks "posed" and unnatural. I didn't have time to let my breath out and relax before the timer went off. Ten seconds is not much time to get ready lol. All of the pictures below were using the continuous shoot mode so they aren't great quality. In hindsight I wish I hadn't used it because they would have looked so much nicer, but no big deal.

I posted some pictures of me and Chrome on his blog, so check them out here if you would like.


  1. Those last four pictures are wonderful! :) You look so beautiful in them (and Chrome is handsome :)). And the poses look nice.


  2. My favorites are #4 and #8.

    About 20 years ago or so I was seriously into photography (of course that was in the days of film). But I learned to use my tripod and timer for just about anything that didn't move. It really makes a difference to have the camera completely still.

    Mango Momma

  3. Oh I love self-timer photos!! I think it is so under-used, sadly, and more people should make use of that feature on their cameras. Especially to get groupd/family photos when there is no one else around ( plus often, a self-timer takes a much better photo than a random passerby coz you can frame it yourself and you don't get things cuts off or things growing out of your head or even just blurry out-of-focus shots from poor photographers!)

    You look lovely - very natural! I wish I had continuous shoot mode on a self-timer! How do you manage that? What camera have you got?



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