Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Snow Pictures - Chrome

Whew, I finally got Chrome's snow pictures resized. I'll have to break it up into a few posts though because I took so many. I hope this doesn't totally bore you. I think everyone has said they love pictures, so enjoy!!

My little Chrome has turned into a snow Appaloosa! :D

He can find branches even buried under the snow.

Chrome loves the snow!


Surveying his snowy pasture.

Looking under the branches because Jackal was hiding from him. :)

I wish he would stay a seal brown.
When he's gray he'll just blend into the snow hehe.

Still circling, looking for Jackal.

In this one I'm pretty sure he was watching Zeppelin.

Coming to see me.

Going for a romp. I like his tail in this one hehe.

Still wary of the pond.

Hehehe too cute!

He was being boring so I walked away and then squatted down on my heels and of course he galloped to me, curious what I was doing. :)

Check back tomorrow for more pictures. :D


  1. Lovely pics!! He's a pretty boy!!

    BTW, I am going to post about trick training soon- just a horribly busy week is all!

    Jen and the BDC!

  2. beautiful pics of darkest horse against white snow... stunning!
    visit me at:

  3. As much as I would be tired of that snow, I still love seeing pictures of the horses playing in it. LOL

    I have a femle Siberian Husky too. She would love at that snow I think.


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