Friday, February 11, 2011

Jackal's Amazing Progress on Shy

Sneak peek of pictures to come. ;D
Can you believe how fat he's getting?
My hubby has been feeding them too much lol.

I know I already posted today with the pictures I had scheduled, but I just had to post progress on my Shy training with Jackal. I'm so totally blown away by how incredibly smart Jackal is! I worked on Shy a few minutes ago, making this our third session total. I put the Scotch tape on his nose and clicked/treated four or five times quickly before he got the tape off. When he gets the tape off it sticks to the couch and he immediately seems confused. He seemed to randomly be touching his nose to the couch and/or digging with his paw at the couch, but never put his paw over his nose . . . then I finally realized he's nose and paw targeting the TAPE stuck to the COUCH!!!!!!!!

This dog is waaaay too smart for me!! I was clicking him for pawing at the tape on his nose so he thought I was clicking him for a paw target to the tape. Then when he would get the tape off and it would stick to the couch he would keep touching the tape with his paw (which of course I had no clue what he was doing). When that failed he would touch his nose to it. It was the nose touches that finally clicked in my brain. I can't believe he was targeting the tape! I'm blown away.

So after I realized what he was doing I put the tape on his head just above his eyes. He can't get his paw that high so when he would paw at his face I would click him for getting his nose. Eventually he was putting his chin on the couch and putting his paw over his nose in a perfect Shy!!! Eeek! I was so excited! I ended it there and took the tape off of his head (which he was completely ignoring at that point). Hopefully it won't take long before he doesn't need the tape anymore. I also need to get back to working on crawl. I've just been unusually tired lately, so I was keeping our training short and sweet. At least I'm doing something right? ;D


  1. Cool! Clicker training is amazing. You're doing a great job.

  2. Well, if he's going to gain some weight, winter is the time to do it. At least he's warm out there in the snow. I thought teaching shy was going to be hard, but you two worked it out.

  3. Very nice! I remain jealous, I am still having a very difficult time with the corgi holding the position.

  4. WOW! Jackal IS one smart puppy! I've been struggling with this trick with Honey too although I don't know if it's because it's actually physically difficult for her to paw her nose when she is sitting, coz of her deep chest and long legs!


  5. I'm catching up on some of your blog posts.

    Sounds like he is doing AWESOME with this trick.

    You'll have to get some video of it for us!



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