Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jackal & Zep Progress

We had some friends visiting who were interested in clicker training so I worked with Jackal on crawling. He was doing really well! Even after I clicked he was staying in a down so I jackpotted him for that. I also worked on not moving my arm with him as he crawled and I was clicking when he got about an inch past my arm so I'm really hoping I can fade it out soon. I was so proud of him! I also worked on a paw target to a piece of paper to help with future tricks like crossing his paws.

Then later my friend R went out with me to feed because I'm planning on using her for feeding the horses when we have to go out of town. She had just come from work so she wasn't wearing appropriate shoes for my muddy pasture, so she stood at a distance from the barn (it gets muddy just in front of it) while I put their food in the buckets. Chrome followed me to his stall obviously because he's a hungry growing boy, but Zeppelin surprised me! He walked right up to R and let her pet him all over the face with no treats at all!! I was so proud of him. Apparently he likes women. :) I'm so glad my hard work is paying off so well. I think he was more comfortable around her too because she's short. Who knows. I'm just glad he's getting more and more confident. :)

I showed Chrome's stuff off to R as well, but I didn't work on anything new or even have the clicker with me unfortunately so he sort of got the day off from training. :)

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  1. Clicker training is so much fun. I must learn more about it. Sounds like you're doing really well. Good job.


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