Friday, February 11, 2011

Zeppelin's Snow Pictures

Here are the snow pictures of Zeppelin. He really is not too fond of the snow, but he doesn't like to be left out. :D

"Hey, buddy!"

"Um, we're not friends. What are you looking at?"

My spoiled brats still don't drink out of the pond. He was climbing down there to eat brush . . .

Half of the pond was frozen . . . or maybe it's slush.

Giving Chrome ugly faces.

I was trying to be nice and offered treats to Zep . . .

. . . but sometimes being nice can really bite you in the . . . finger!

No, he didn't bite me. He stole my glove . . . and chewed off the finger!!!!! So my gloves are ruined and I think he swallowed it, but surely it was small enough that it won't hurt him. Sigh.

Aside from the last mishap, we had lot's of fun! :D


  1. Those are adorable pictures. He certainly is an expressive donkey.

  2. no, it won't hurt him, i don't think.

    my friend and i trailered out for a day of riding and i had this bag of carrots in the trailer's tack room and she tied her gelding so long, i came around the corner and said "where did the bag of carrots go?" and we couldn't find them, but the horse was definitely tied too long...

    so, what to do. do you ride a horse that just ate the carrots plus bag?

    we did.

    i said "hey if you see that bag again, i want it!"

    2 weeks later it turned up in a manure dropping. she slapped a christmas bow on it and gave it to me.

    i laughed so hard but then made a bad mistake.

    i put the bag with bow in the back of my civic, and we trailered out to some distance riding event for the weekend.

    at the end of the weekend i returned, got in my civic, and the interior smelled like a manure pile. aaaaaaaagh!

    so this gelding, anyway, survived a bag-eating experience. i cannot say every horse could.

  3. oh i have to give you the ultimate example of the "grownups are talking" trick - my good friend aarene at haiku farm. her mare was muggy, and she taught this so well! actually, the mare had a lot of issues that were helped by trick training. now you go out to her field to visit with her, and she offers all of her tricks. "see how good i am?" she's great.

  4. So cute.. I've always wanted to own a donkey!

  5. Aww...I do have a soft spot for Zeppelin...well, for all donkeys in general! :-) Gorgeous pictures!



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