Monday, February 21, 2011

Jackal Shy Video Update

I know I still have a week to work on Shy before our time is up for this trick, but I had the camera on hand so I just hit record. :) Here are a couple of pictures of the cutie.

Isn't he cute?? I haven't worked on duration at all, but if you can watch the video you will see toward the end I actually take the tape off of his face and he was doing it by himself. I don't know how I'm going to add duration. Any suggestions? Here is the video. It isn't too long so I hope you all can get it to load.

So, what do you think? Going well? I partly made and posted this video because I am sooooo procrastinating resizing the rest of the snow picture lol. If I never seen a photo editor again I'll be happy. :) I will get them edited and posted though. I still have Jackal and Storm's pictures to post. It will be worth it because they're cute. I haven't worked on crawl at all this month. I'll get back to it. Since I'm teaching one trick a month my plan will be at the end of the year to make a video showing off his twelve new tricks. At least that means I have a whole year to work on crawl because it's by far the hardest I've done so far I think. :)


  1. He's doing great! I think you click too much though. It's tough to up criteria if you reward everything :)

  2. OMG, sooo funny and cute! Love it!

  3. Boy! He doesn't even finish eating his last reward and he's already back to work, working on his next reward.

  4. Funny asking me for advice on this trick! This is the trick that I have had as a goal for the past 3 months. I have swiping, but little duration. Well I guess Vito has duration now, but only while lying down. Corgi has duration of holding a paw in the air an inch from his nose, but not actually on his damn nose.

    With any trick you need the dog a tiny bit frustrated if you want to up criteria. I still praise a lot and still click a lot, but you can't click everything or the dog has no incentive to get better. If you think Jackal gets too frustrated with any withheld click then you need to do more shaping :) The lazy route for now would be to click almost everything but jackpot the greater ones.

    I would stop clicking the times he just picks up his paw up and down. Jackal has some nice moments where he really moves his face and his paw to get his nose well under. I would focus on that before I started duration. duration work is just patience, being able to recognize a 1/4sec hold from a 1/2sec hold. Or you could reward only the 2nd swipe to rely on the laziness principle. The theory being the dog learns he only gets rewarded for 2 behaviors but then starts to think what if one longer one gets a treat because it's easier. I taught a sticky target that way.
    swipe.....swipe click
    swipe..swipe click
    swipe.swipe click
    swwiiippe jackpot

  5. Wow, Jackal is a fast learner!! He looks so cute doing this trick!

    Great advice from Laura. I'm afraid I'm not much help as I'm still trying to teach Honey this trick too! She's great at using her paws and waving it just about everywhere but I'm lucky if she ever makes contact with her face! :-)



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