Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Snow Pictures - Chrome II

Okay, here are some more pictures of Chrome playing in the snow. :) Enjoy!

Chrome now loves the umbrella hehe.

Putting his head under the umbrella to sniff the camera even though I was trying to block him with it lol.

Icicles in his forelock.

Eating snow.

Snow feathers!!

The four wheeler spooked him once and then he was over it. :)

It looks like he's eating the donkey lol!

He's getting better about being nice.

I love Storm's expression. :D

Jackal isn't so fond of being chased. Poor guy. He knows to stay by me for safety.

I probably have one or more days worth of pictures of Chrome then we will move on to Jackal. I love snow days hehe. It's a good thing we don't get it more than once or twice a year hehe.


  1. Chrome looks so cute in the snow. Like the umbrella pictures and the dogs are really adorable too.


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