Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chrome Lame Again

For my horse knowledgeable blog buddies, can you go over to Chrome's blog and check out the video I posted if you haven't already seen it? I think he's lame again on one of his rear legs. It may be due to the club foot, but this is the worst I've seen it. The farrier can't come out for a week, so for now I'm just watching him closely. The link to the post is


  1. I don't know what to tell you. Personally I'd like to see him stepping deeper with both hinds. Not knowing how this horse moves that well, I don't really know if that is how he always moves but I can't get passed that.

    For me, I expect my horses to put that hind foot all the way up to right behind the front.

  2. I'd like to help but I'm not great at lameness issues. I leave that up to my daughter, the expert. Good luck with him and hope the farrier or a vet can help you.

  3. I see what RR says about not stepping deeper with his hinds but I maybe see a little bit of what you mean but nothing that would make me too worried. But that is just me. I look at most little hitches in the giddyup the same as when I look at my own. They could have taken a wrong step or exerted a bit much to make them tender/sore but they usually work themselves out. I mean for me in those cases I just give them a chance to rest and have free movement in the pasture to work it out. But since you obviously aren't going to ride him then I think you are safe. But you do what your gut tells you. Mama knows best!

  4. On my way over to see the video. But I hope he improves and is sound soon.



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