Monday, September 13, 2010

The Boy Is Back In Town

Well Kudzu has been moved back to my parents' house to work his magic on all of the does. We're hoping we have kids earlier next year like February or March instead of April. It helps if they have some time to grow before the weather gets so hot. I only got a few pictures because I was still shaking from a near wreck we had on the way over. Some guy with road rage apparently hit two cars killing four people (two of which were kids). It was awful. Traffic was backed up for hours.

Kudzu wearing a halter for the first time. :) He didn't like it.

Then the poor fellow had to get in the back of my car. He wasn't happy about that lol.

When we got there my adorable Azalea (one of this year's kids) was doing the slow cautious deer walk. It was so cute!

I'm not sure the adult does recognized him because it had been so long. :)

He was quick to show them who was boss lol!

I talked to my dad today and he said Kudzu settled in fine. He and Rip (Aslan's brother) are the best of friends lol. I wonder if he even notices/cares it's a different dog . . . wish I knew what animals were thinking. :)

Keep an eye out over the next couple of days for pictures of Aslan playing with Storm and pictures of the turkey house we finally finished. I have to get better ones in the daylight tomorrow. See ya!


  1. I am glad that you weren't hurt in that scary accident. Kudzu sure has grown up handsome. He's living the life now I suppose with all his ladies.


  2. Oh how awful to witness an accident like that. I know how mood altering it can be. :(
    The goats are adorable!!


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