Thursday, September 2, 2010

Drama Queen starring Storm Glory

Thank you again everyone for your kind comments. My back was much better today. I think the muscle relaxer is helping. It didn't start hurting until about four thirty when normally it's hurting by two. It's still bothering me a little even now, but with ice I'm okay. I just took my muscle relaxer (oops I forgot hehe) too so that should help. :)

And since I'm probably boring you all to death with my daily back update here is a video I think you will all enjoy of Jackal being destructive. ;)

I tricked you didn't I? He actually went and found this empty toilet paper roll (I guess I missed the trash can when I changed the roll lol) and decided to destroy it. I let him play with them as a puppy so that's probably why he thought it was okay (which it is). As a puppy there was only three things (a fan cord, a camera cord and the wooden knob on my entertainment center) he destroyed during his teething phase so I always counted myself lucky. :)

As for Storm's silly expressions I think she dislikes the camera because she doesn't like being stared at. When I was younger and reading everything I could on dog training I read that direct eye contact with a dog can be threatening. Other articles at that time said you should never look away first or you would be the submissive one (this was back in the day when dog training was all about dominating). So whenever Storm would look me in the eyes I would stare at her until she looked away. That's why she does what she does in the video. She's not upset or anything she was just taught not to stare.

With Jackal I did everything differently because by then I'd learned that eye contact can be either dominating or a confidence builder depending on how you use it. I trained Jackal using eye contact as a way to get him to focus and also a way to reassure him. :) I much prefer having a dog that will look me in the face than one that avoids eye contact, but it is cute how Storm glances up at the camera. :)

Here are some pictures for those of you who can't see videos.

My husband used the magic phrase "Do you want a bite?" to get her to look at the camera for this shot.

Jackal is happily destroying his treasure and Storm is doing one of her goofy expressions. :)


  1. I have no idea how to contact you other than leaving a comment here. Thanks for the suggestions. I have an imac. Changed to the new editor but the speed factor is killing me. I dumped cookies, emptied the cache and did the repair permissions bit...still not good. HELP!!!!!

  2. Your dogs are gorgeous, I love Storm's expressions. It's good that Jackal knows what to chew, I think I've lost count of the stuff my lot destroyed when they were pups and beyond! :D

  3. Glad you are feeling better. I wish I could see the video, but the photos are cute. Storm's such a lovely dog.

    Years ago, I got a side job sketching huskies at a dog show and selling the pictures. I fell in love with the breed, then. I must say, they didn't hold still when they posed!

    I used to put pieces to dog food in tubes and bend both ends closed, and Pollie, my dog, would search them out and tear them apart to get the dog food. She had so much fun doing it.


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