Saturday, September 18, 2010


Jackal absolutely LOVES dried or partially cooked spaghetti! He gets really excited when I start cooking it. The reason Jackal loves when I cook is because I always manage to drop something which is how this love of spaghetti came about. Here is the photo proof. Oh and Storm got some too but she only eats it out of obligation. She doesn't really like it.

Love the expression!

Going in for the kill. :)

Watching the stove while the spaghetti cooks.

My husband is teasing him with it here lol.

I wish the flash hadn't washed this shot out so bad.

I also took a short video of him eating the spaghetti. Unfortunately he was on his third piece so he wasn't as excited. I'll try to get another video of him someday showing how excited he gets. :)


  1. That Jackel is a 'warm the heart boy' he is.

  2. My beagle Kusy loves all food, but it is very entertaining to watch him snap at spaghetti. Especially when it gets stuck on his nose or his ears and he can't reach it :)
    My dog also has the same sort of expression as the first picture of Jackal sometimes.


  3. Lol at those pics. I love his expression in that second one. I'm afraid I'm also very messy when I'm cooking and enjoy the clearing up properties of dogs too! ;D

  4. What's not to love? Nommy!


  5. I am reminded of how much I miss my dog every time I drop of piece of food and have to pick up up.


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