Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Doggy Bragging . . .

I have to brag on my two wonderful dogs!! I bought some new treats yesterday (Evo Wild Cravings) and no of course I didn't buy them just because there is a Siberian Husky on the bag. ;) Anyway, because I never (okay rarely) give my dogs treats without having them do something first I started asking them to do tricks. Only this time instead of having them do the same trick together at the same time I had them do tricks separately! I put one dog in a sit/stay while the other did tricks and received their treats, then vice versa. This is something I have NEVER worked on with them before. I've always put one outside while training, then switched them to work with the other one. I've also never done any formal stay training with Jackal (well not much).

Jackal was overly excited and cycling through all of his tricks, but when he realized that wasn't working he calmed down and started listening. Once he was listening he did fantastic. He did his spins, jump, backing, etc. All perfectly. Then I switched to Storm and she did her high fives, spins and bow. She even did the spin in her new direction. She did trip on the surge protector so it wasn't perfect (funny!!), but she knew what she was supposed to do. :)

After they did their tricks and got their treats I decided to get a picture because you all know how I hate to not have a picture to go with my posts lol. I took Jackal to the hallway and asked him to sit and stay, then I brought Storm over next to him and had her sit and stay. Then I asked them to stay and got the picture you see above. I was soooooo proud of them!!! I really don't give my pups enough credit (or myself really). I've taught them well and I should learn to trust that they know it. :)

Anyway sorry I rambled on forever but I was proud of my pups and had to share. I've been procrastinating on teaching them anything new because I was afraid they wouldn't remember the stuff we'd been working on and that I would have to review everything (or reteach it completely)! Boring! Now that I know they remember maybe I'll actually get back into training again. I do miss it. I just have to stop building it up into my mind as this huge chore. How can you go wrong with clicker training anyway?? So long as we're having fun who cares if we actually accomplish anything. Well, I'll stop chattering away at you now. :)


  1. yay!!! I always find that my dogs try harder when having to be patient and watch the others. It really gets them motivated when they know they can be skipped for another dog :) I also find that the dogs really remember tricks well. Most tricks I don't ever practice once they have the intitial stages set, but I find that I can leave pretty much right where we left off months or even a year later. Especially if it was shaped instead of lured, but really either way they have amazing memories.

    Anyways, I'm really glad you had a great night and have learned how remarkable your dogs are. I hope you get back into the trick training, even 5 minutes now and then is something!

  2. That's brilliant and I love the pic! ;D I have never been brave enough to try training two dogs together, so it's great to hear that it can work really well. Can't wait to see what you decide to teach them next :)

  3. I'm glad your dogs did so well and everyone had fun.

    Yeah, I got to get back to clicker training Thunder, my cat. I'm like you with the procrastinating with him. With the horses, I have to train them, but with Thunder, I keep putting it off. I figured he forgot everything. I can't even find the hoop he hopped through. Maybe I'll try tonight. I hope he does as well as your dogs.

  4. I only wish my dog knew as much. I've only had him for 2 and a half months, though, and we're getting there (hopefully, at least). :)


  5. I love training my dogs together but individually as one stays in a down or sit. they both know that the one staying down, stays down and that they will get their turn. it was an absolute must have for me to train this way or my husky would have had a heart attack putting her away like that. occassionally i will separate them but it's nice to do this. when i'm out and about and someone wants to see some tricks, i can put one in a down and make the other do the tricks and then switch off. i haven't had anyone say anything like "wow the other dog stays down..." (i mean that in itself is HARD to do while the other dog is working)... but they don't see it becuase they're so focused on the dog doing the tricks, they don't notice that the one staying down is doing the HARDER trick! kind of ironic, huh? but in the end, when i need to demo one of them for someone interested in either dog, it's very handy. and i always get someone interested in either the sibe or the GSD. they're drawn to either dog... so it's nice to have that solid down-stay.

  6. oh ps. good for you on doing that!


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