Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Turkey Coop Is Finished!

We finally got the turkey coop finished. It took three days to finish because of interruptions and we had to drive an hour to my parents' house to get materials (same time we took Kudzu over). It's a total mismash of parts and isn't the prettiest thing ever but it protects our turkeys and keeps them happy. :)

My husband built a base on skids and framed in some walls. Then we had friends over and put the triangle goat house that we got from a coworker of his last winter (I posted about it before) on top to make the roof.

Then we put tin on the walls and rigged up a temporary door. Or knowing us it'll probably turn into the permanent door.

We put plastic on the floor (we will eventually replace it with linoleum when we have the money) to make clean up easy and to prevent moisture from ruining the floor.

Next is where the skids came into play. We had to use the truck to haul it around the drive, down a hill and across our yard until we got it to the raised gravel spot where it will stay. That was fun to do in the dark lol.

Then we put the baby turkeys in it last night. They had already roosted for the night so they were disoriented and scared.

This morning they were feeling more confident and relaxed, although they are still a little wary. We talked to them for a while and they talked back. Very cute. I'll have to get the video edited so you can hear them. It might be a bit before I get to it though.

They are going to be so much happier now.

One of the toms is learning how to puff himself up and strut. :)

Aren't they gorgeous??

Below are some of my favorite pictures. I think they turned out so perfectly!

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  1. That is a fantastic house, you've really done a great job, I bet the turkeys will love it :)

    The pics are fab, I think there's something quite endearing about turkey's expressions :)


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