Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Rest of the Pictures

Here are the rest of the pictures I took yesterday. They were just too cute to not share. :) Hope you enjoy them.

They look upset, but they love to play together.

Zep stands next to Jackal's pen almost every day.

Jackal barking at Zep.

Chrome and my husband giving kisses.

Chrome smiling for the camera. I can't wait until I can get this on a cue. :)

And yawning. He always yawns when he thinks it's time to eat.

Zep sniffing my husband's hand.

He's getting braver and calmer everyday.

Chrome's ouchie on his ear. Don't know how he did it but it doesn't seem to bother him.

Zeppelin checking me for treats.

He's a little nippy from being fed treats, but he hasn't ever tried to bite so far lol.

I told you Zep is the dominant one. This is why Chrome eats in a closed stall hehe.

I hope you enjoyed the silly pictures and I hope everyone is having a great day!


  1. I love them, they are just so cute, especially the one of Chrome smiling! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Great pictures. I loved the ones with Jackal and Zep. I'm glad Zep is getting more confident with people.


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