Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gravel Adventures

Wow, I can tell I was upset when I wrote that post yesterday! I normally proofread my posts, but I didn't on that one. I'm almost embarrassed by all of the typos! Anyway first I had to clean out the barn. And there was a LOT to clean out. Luckily it was just dried manure mixed in with dry dirt, so it was light to move.

My tools.

This is all of the manure and loose dirt I got out of Chrome's side of the barn.

Zeppelin says he didn't do it. :)

Chrome isn't admitting anything either.

The cleaned stall.

And the gravel. It was 2.8 tons. See the mound in the middle?
My back couldn't take anymore raking.

The chickens liked it.

Okay, so after the episode last night Chrome was immediately wary upon entering his stall.

He was on high alert, but curious.

Checking out the mound of gravel he tripped in last night.

He would stand at the edge of the gravel and beg Zep for a bite of his dinner lol.

"Hey mom! What are you doing over there in that horse eating gravel??"

I put out the lure. I put it further away because I didn't figure it would take as long in daylight.

"Hey mom. Do you mind pushing the feed closer since the scary rocks don't eat you?"

"Well okay fine. I'm too hungry to argue anymore."

I moved the feed to his normal bucket and he played in the gravel a little with his lips.

Sorry it's blurry. This is when he finally walked to his feed bucket.

Finally happily eating.

Watching Zep play with Jackal while he munches on yummy beet pulp. :)

Does anyone else notice faint dappling or is that wishful thinking?

He finally started pawing and really playing in the gravel.

"Hey mom, wanna play?"

Checking Zeppelin's bucket for leftovers through the fence.

Letting himself out of his stall. I leave the gate closed but not latched and he lets himself out.
Works well for keeping Zep away since he's the dominant one and doesn't eat much.

After checking Zeppelin's bucket again he went back in the stall all by himself!
Told you he'd be a pro in no time.

Then Zep joined him and they checked for crumbs.
It was funny watching them spit pebbles back out.

Zep playing in the gravel with his lips.

More pawing.

And more pawing. I think Chrome enjoyed himself.

Zep seemed to enjoy it too.

Oh and I forgot to mention when Zep first walked on it he spooked too, but he got over it quickly.

Dirty lips from playing in the gravel. Cute!

And Zep's dirty lips.

Spitting a pebble out when he accidentally picked one up. I love how delicate equine lips are.

I love Zep's expression in this picture.

As usual I took over one hundred pictures this morning so I'll post the non-gravel related ones tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed and as you can see no ill effects from last night. :)


  1. It seems Chrome and Zeppelin are very good friends!! When I was little, I often swallowed a pebble or two and they came out the next day :-)

  2. Brilliant, love all the pics! That's so great just letting him check it out in his own time. Hopefully you'll have the double bonus of no winter mud and conditioning his hooves too! He's looking great, I thought I saw dappling too :)

  3. That's good that they are now accepting the sounds that gravel makes.

  4. Zep is too cute! I love the pictures of the two of them together. And I too think I see dappling :)

  5. Aw...I just LOVE Zep - I have a real soft spot for donkeys and would love to have one...

    Looks like all your hard work paid off! The 2 of them are spoilt rotten really - but they look really happy and content and comfortable, which is what matters, I suppose! :-) They do look very sweet together.



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