Thursday, September 16, 2010

Storm, Aslan & Sycamore Play

Okay I promised pictures of Aslan and Storm playing, so here they are. Unfortunately they didn't turn out very good because the lighting was bad and they were moving too fast lol.

Can you believe Aslan is only nine months old and already so much bigger than Storm?? She's 23 inches at the shoulder if that tells you anything. She isn't overly impressed by him, but they don't fight anymore lol. She'll give a warning growl every once in a while, but he's such a sweet boy he doesn't get in trouble. :)

Don't they look like they just adore each other? Not! Storm is a nine year old Siberian Husky and is twenty three inches at the shoulder. Aslan is a nine month of Akbash dog. Not sure how tall he is but you can definitely see how much bigger he is. :)

Aslan with six month old Kiko/Boer goat Sycamore (S'more for short). S'more has never acted overly fond of Aslan, but when he was out in the yard away from familiar surroundings if he got scared he would run to Aslan for protection lol. Gotta love a livestock guard dog. :)

It was difficult to get good pictures. Like this one they were usually blurry because the dogs were running willy nilly everywhere at top speed lol. I love Aslan's ears in this one hehe.

Or they were like this one . . .

. . . or this one hehe.

Probably the best one of Aslan I managed to get lol.

And here is the best one of Storm. :)

This is the best one of both dogs even though Aslan is only halfway in the frame.

Sycamore had fun bouncing around like a deer or lamb lol. Silly boy.

When the dogs got too silly for him he actually ran to me for protection. Wow! He was raised at my parents' house and isn't used to being touched. He's slowly tamed down, but it takes time. Kudzu was that way when we bought him so I have no doubt S'more will calm down completely in time.
We're proud of this little dude. He's one of the best bucks we've bred so far. I'll try to get pictures of the doelings we bred this year next time I visit my parents. The two little Pygmy/Kiko crosses are adorable. Since Sassy died of respiratory infection complications we decided to keep her daughters instead of selling them. Like I said I'll get pictures when I can. I probably won't be back over there for two week though so please have patience. :) Hope you enjoyed seeing the herd playing. :)

P.S. We were going to let Jackal join the fun but the little turd decided to take off down the street so he got put inside and was not allowed to play. Naughty boy. I know it's my fault because I haven't been exercising them, but with an injured back I wasn't able to. I'm just now able to walk two miles again without being in pain so I'm easing back into it.


  1. The dogs are adorable and look like they are having fun. I like your goats too, very cute. Glad to hear your back is healing and you're walking again without pain.

  2. Lol great pics ;D I can't believe how much Aslan has grown, he's huge!

  3. Your farm seems like such fun!! By the way, I'm excited to see what u think of pea gravel! The dogs kept playing it ours too :)

  4. Great pix!!! LIttle S'more looks like tons of fun -- just like Storm and Aslan!
    Play bows,

  5. That puppy is HUGE! I am happy to see everybody running about and having fun, but Jackel will need to tone it down a bit if he doesn't want to keep getting a time out.



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