Saturday, September 11, 2010

His Hoofiness

Okay, I have been looking back through the archives of the Barefoot Horse Blog and have learned a lot. The lines I was seeing on Chrome's hooves that I posted about here are called event lines. They can be caused by anything from founder, diet change, deworming, vaccinations, overeating, etc. And they aren't a death sentence. It's just the hooves way of saying there's a problem in the diet or management of the horse. His lines aren't as deep as some of the pictures she shows of horses who have had full blown founder/laminitis.

So, now I'm working on improving my management. I'm pricing gravel right now for putting in the barn, under the gate and by the water troughs. The gravel will help with drainage/mud problems were having as well as working to strengthen his hooves. I'm also going to trim (more like just rasp right now) weekly and keep a mustang roll on his hooves. That helps keep the pressure off the wall. I'm also using her suggestion of bathing his hooves in salt water daily to prevent/treat any thrush that could be causing toe first landings. Toe first landings (caused by heel pain associated with thrush) can cause low grade laminitis. I'm starting with his front hooves to get him used to the routine and then I'll add in his rear hooves. He's actually doing really well considering I really hadn't done that much hoof handling with him (bad me).

So I'll keep you updated with what I'm doing regarding his hooves. I'm hoping to get gravel delivered on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed that scheduling works out. I'll be sure to get pictures. Chrome should have a blast playing in it. I wish I could have gotten pictures of him playing in a mud puddle this morning. :)


  1. I am a hoof nuisance now, lol! Since I got interested in hoof stuff it's opened up a whole new world for me, the more I learn the more I realise how little I knew! A friend lent me Pete Ramey's book which is excellent for trimming advice. Star is barefoot, to my knowledge she has never had shoes on, and I've realised how much diet and environment affect the hoof. I'll really look forward to seeing how you get on with Chrome's feet so I can pick up more tips! ;D

  2. We are thinking of adding pea gravel too..can't wait for better feet all around! :)

  3. geez, i don't know how you do this with all your animals! the hoof thing alone would keep me busy for weeks. but i learned a little something about hores, shoe-ing and going barefoot! neat.


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