Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Goals

Okay, I'm sure I'm forgetting something but I've thought for two days and this is what I've come up with. I don't want to make my goals too complicated or make too many of them. Just a few simple things to try to achieve during 2011.

1. Take care of myself. This includes a great many things. Eating healthy, sticking to my 'no fast food' rule, cut back my consumption of refined sugars, taking my vitamins, flossing daily (I despise flossing lol), regular dental check ups, working with my doctor to find the answers to my health complaints, seeing a dietitian if necessary, exercising, weight lifting, etc. I just want to focus on getting healthy and staying that way because I've already wasted too much time being miserable.

2. Finish remodeling my house. Previously I've not wanted to spend money or time fixing up my house because I don't plan on living here for the rest of my life and I didn't want to spend money that I know I won't get back out of it, but now I want to. There's no sense in me living in an unorganized, crappy environment while I wait until the day I can move. I'm going to focus on cheap, creative ways of improving the aesthetics of my house and also the heating/cooling of it.

3. Learn to drive a standard. Our main farm truck is a standard and I really want to learn to drive it. This could prove to be important someday if something happens to whoever is driving and I have to get the truck back. This year I plan to make the time for this simple goal.

4. Take at least one picture every single day of 2011. I want to improve my photography skills so I've decided that I'm going to start a blog, called A Picture of the Day, where I post one picture each day. Then my followers who enjoy photography can give me tips for improving the shot. :-) Even if I don't learn anything I'll still have fun.

5. Participate in Sunday Stills more consistently. The challenge is so fun and will help keep me motivated to take pictures. :-)

6. Win NaNoWriMo again this year! I love NaNo!

7. Teach Jackal at least one trick a month. I'll continue to let you guys vote and post videos of the finished trick. I'll teach Storm some too if I have the time and it's one she can do.

8. Operation Tame Led Zeppelin! I want to make more progress this year on taming Zep. This includes touching him, halter training, clicker training and target training.

9. Keep a training journal for Chrome and then do a weekly and/or monthly post on the blog. When I start working with him regularly again this will prevent me from flooding the blog with daily training posts, since Chrome has to share blog space with the other critters. :-)

10. Long-lining and/or lunging Chrome. I plan to work on other things like clicker training, walking, tricks, desensitizing, etc. but since Chrome is turning two in May I would like to make it a goal for him to have the bare basics in long-lining and/or lunging before the end of 2011. Otherwise I can totally see him turning three year old and me having done absolutely nothing to prepare him for backing lol. I can just see that happening. :-)

Well, I think ten is a good number. What do you guys think? Sound like good, achievable goals? I think it sounds like fun. So I'll end this post here because it's getting late and I'm tired. Don't forget to read yesterday's post to see what all happened in 2010. :-) Night!!


  1. Great goals and really look forward to reading how you get on with them this year :)

  2. Looks like a good list.

    Have a Happy New Year!

  3. Look like great goals!
    I hope you have a wonderful 2011.

    Regarding goal 10:
    10. Long-lining and/or lunging Chrome.
    Do you have a copy of Leslie Pavlich's Colt Starting the Natural Horse?
    It's $20 on Amazon and well worth it.

    Most of the book is basic ground work exercises taught using clicker training. Exercises such as backing, hindquarter yields and forequarter yields are later expanded and developed into more advanced tasks such as lunging and ground driving.

    She also does a good job of explaining other exercises and things you should do in preparation for the first ride. You would probably enjoy the book.



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