Monday, January 3, 2011

Fun Day Off

I had a fun day off today. We went to our neighbor's house to discuss some things and to see their chickens and sheep. They kindly offered to give us their old brood boxes and nest boxes that they don't use anymore. :) They're so sweet. We're going to let them use some of our lease land for their sheep so that he can work on clearing out the rest of his property for them and probably to grow grass as well.

After that we went to visit some of our grand-chickens. We sold some of our Delaware chickens to a really nice guy this past spring and he invited us over to see how they are doing. His little girl is going to show them for 4H in the spring. They look so good.

This is their rooster. His barring is so nice!

We made plans to help him hatch out some of their eggs so his kids get to see how it's done. We will probably be doing some chicken swapping later lol. He's new to the chicken breeding and showing so we're helping him out as much as we can.

Then we went to one of my husband's coworker's house. She breeds chickens, turkeys and miniature horses. She bought two Midget White Turkeys that we really, really wanted (but couldn't afford) so we were excited to see them in person. They are absolutely gorgeous!

The tom. He's almost four years old.

The hen. She's so pretty and sweet. She was talking to us when we arrived. :)

Her little miniature horses are sooooooo cute!! Beware if you scroll any further. When you see these pictures you will want one!

This little guy was my favorite. An 8 month old leopard Appaloosa gelding.

I want! If I decid to start playing and win the lottery I'm going back to buy him lol!

He even had a half blue/half brown eye. Cute!

His little pasture mates.

Look how thick their winter coats are!

And how tiny their little muzzles are!

We had so much fun. :)

P.S. Also wanted to mention that I'll be posting in Chrome's Training Blog again at


  1. Wow, your hands next to the minis really show how mini they are! And judging by the photos- they're even smaller because of all that hair!

  2. Love the turkeys and rooster. I've never seen one eye half blue and half brown before. I love it when neighbors have the sense to work together and help each other out. It's so convenient. I've only had one neighbor who does that "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" thing with me.

  3. Sounds like a lovely day off. Such gorgeous animals complemented by your fine photography.

  4. Looks like great goals for this year!! I loved the minis!!!!! Too cute!!!

  5. Those little horses are sooooo cute, I must not look at them any further or I'll end up with a couple! ;)


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