Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mango Minster 2011

Alright! Another year of the most awesomest Mango Minster! It took a while because Mom is so awful about procrastinating, but here are our entries. I, Jackal, will go first!

It was a very tough decision but I chose the Good Old Boys category. The requirements for this category are as follows . . .

1. Is your nickname "Bubba?"
2. Is your favorite activity lounging about watching football or the home shopping network on the picture box?
3. Are your beds placed strategically so as not to strain yourself actually walking should you feel a nap coming on?
4. Do you fart and / or snore with great abandon?
5. Do you drink beer and eat beef jerky?
6. Are you an easy going, whatever, kind of guy or gal?
7. Do your humans ever tell you, "You're just a good old boy (or girl)?" Duh.

And here is picture evidence of why I belong in this category.

My nickname is Mutley or Mutters instead of Bubba, but that's close enough right?

I'm not big on football or the home shopping network on
the picture box, but I do love reading blogs on the laptop!

We don't really have beer here, but I do have this bottle of sprite that I'm looking at like it's going to eat me. Don't let that fool you, I love the stuff . . . okay can you take that scary green bottle away now please!! ***Mom Note: I have no idea why he was scared of the Sprite!

Yep, I'm proud to say I have the farting and snoring with great abandon down pat!

I am one laid back dude who sleeps on any piece of furnishing I happen to pass.

Mom says I'm definitely a good old boy!

Alright now that he's done sucking up for votes, it's my turn to show you my entry. Obviously I chose the Bad Sports category. :) Here are the requirements.

1. Is every toy, bone, or bed on your estate YOURS whether you are using it or not?
2. Do you bully the other fur kids in your pack?
3. Do you hide foodables in your mouth even if you don't like them just so nobody else can have them?
4. Are all your stuffies beheaded or disemboweled?
5. Do you already have a plan in place to bribe the bad sport judge or to stuff the reader's choice ballet box?
6. In the absence of medical issues, are your potty habits still, ahem, relaxed?
7. When your humans say, "come" do you just stare at them waiting for them to prove they have noms?

And now here is why I deserve to be in this category.

Yes! Every toy and bone belongs to me! Even when I'm sleeping.

Food and toys also belong to ME! Even if I don't like them. You still can't have them.

Every stuffie that enters my home is immediately de-stuffed. However since I don't have any to show you I will show you this toy that was almost destroyed before Mom put a stop to it.

Come? Me? Don't I look like a Siberian Husky to you? Of course I don't come!

So hurry up and enter and then vote for me . . . no me! . . . grrrrrowwwl! . . . okay vote for her! . . . Thank guys!


  1. Well, I never knew Storm was such a bad sport. Ish. Those fuzzy dogs.


  2. Heehee! Great Bad Sport entry, Storm! I am always open to bribes that I can eat quickly before my sister steals them!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona, Bad Sport Judge, MangoMinster 2011

  3. You each appear to have entered the perfect category for you. Jackel is clearly a sweet tempered good ol' boy and he's part beagle, like Abby, so he's definitely a good dog. Storm seems to exemplify the characteristics of her breed, which definitely qualifies her as a "bad" dog for those who define an independent spirit as "bad." Good luck to both of you!

    We're new to your blog. Most interesting to read about the horse and the donkey. Do you like them? Do they like you?

    Jed & Abby

  4. "Come? Me? Don't I look like a Siberian Husky to you? Of course I don't come!"

    Yep - that totally sums it up for us. Great entries.

  5. Jed & Abby,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I couldn't find your blog so I couldn't answer you there, but I can here. I actually really like both the donkey and the horse . . . and I think they like me. My doggie yard is next to their pasture and we play through the fence. I like to bark at them and jump around while they try to bite me. It's great fun!


  6. We are very pleased to meet you both and are looking forward to finding out more about the other animals you live with. Our Mommy used to have horses before she got married and misses riding.


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