Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Recap

Here is the recap on the goals/resolutions I made for 2010.


1. Pursue Therapy Dog training.
2. Socialize Jackal more.
3. Teach Jackal more tricks.
4. Post to the blog more often.
5. Take Jackal hunting more.

1. I didn't really make any progress on the Therapy Dog requirements.
2. I did socialize him more and he does sooooo much better around people now. I'm proud of my boy.
3. I have taught him a couple of more tricks.
4. I condensed the blogs, so this one doesn't really apply anymore.
5. The only "hunting" we did is when Jackal tracked someone's deer for them.


1. Spend a lot of time desensitizing Chrome.
2. Take Chrome on more walks out on the roads
3. Teach Chrome some tricks with clicker training, specifically to smile. :)
4. Write on Chrome's blog more.
5. Continue to work on hauling him to new places.

1. I didn't really spend any specific time desensitizing Chrome. I just worked on whatever came up when it came up. This method just works for me. :-)
2. I did take him on walks, although not much in the latter part of the year due to my husband's injury.
3. I did start Chrome's clicker training.
4. I condensed my blogs so this one really doesn't apply anymore.
5. I also did not work on hauling him because of my husband's work schedule and then his injury. I don't know how to drive a standard yet so I can't do it alone.


1. Brush her a LOT more often
2. Teach Storm at least one trick.
3. Exercise Storm more often.
4. Post more on Storm's blog.
5. Try something new with Storm.

1. Oops. I lost my Furminator again.
2. I did teach her a new trick.
3. I did exercise her more often.
4. I condensed the blogs so this doesn't really apply anymore.
5. I tried shaping with Storm this year. We did the '101 things you can do with a box' game. She's going to need a few tries, but I'm confident she will eventually understand.


1. Work on staying in my positive frame of mind.
2. Get back into shape.
3. Stop cussing.
4. Go to church more often.
5. Keep the house tidier and organized.

1. I did better on this lately than I thought I would. Since I started taking a Vitamin D supplement I feel a lot better and tend to be happier and more positive. When bad things happen I still get negative, but Rome wasn't built in a day. :)
2. I lost some weight, but haven't stuck with my weight training unfortunately.
3. I think I've gotten a little bit better but I'm still around people who cuss so it's hard to stop myself sometime.
4. Work got in the way. I wasn't expecting a job change when I made this goal.
5. I did much better on this one, but I plan to do even better this year. :)

Now a recap of the events of 2010.


I switched him to a raw diet in January and it's going great!
He turned two years old.
He learned new tricks.
My mighty hunter "treed" his first opossum on the back deck.
He tracked his first deer.
I sewed my second item ever - a jacket for Jackal!!


I switched her to a raw diet in January which is going great!
I started clicker training her again and she's picking it back up quickly.
She learned new tricks.
She turned nine years old and everyone still thinks she's a young pup. :-)


He went on his first ever solo walk! And did fantastic!
I started clicker training Chrome.
We thought he had OCD lesions because of heat in his rear fetlocks but apparently it was from playing rough or growing pains, thank goodness.
He turned one year old.
He had watermelon for the first time and loved it.
He and his evil accomplice (said in a teasing way) escaped twice, but were unharmed.
Chrome finally started eating treats! Yay!
He accepted fly spraying like a pro.
Chrome had his first bath and did fantastic!
I started feeding him beet pulp and ration balancer. I'm loving how he's doing on it.
Chrome and his evil accomplice (intended as a joke) busted into my feed shed and got into the feed, but they were perfectly fine and did not founder.
After noticing the event lines in his hooves I became obsessed with hooves and have learned a LOT.
Chrome got thrush and I learned the miracle of salt water.
We got pea gravel for his stall.
I'm on my second farrier and I think she's definitely a keeper.
I discovered that he has a club foot, but I'm working with a patient, knowledgeable farrier to correct it.
I discovered that Chrome's "odd" gait in his rear legs is due to his awkward growth stage, thank goodness.
Chrome grew a total of 7 and 3/4 inches this year! Cool!


He came to live with us in January (he was living at my dad's place) to be Chrome's companion.
He turned three sometime in the spring. We don't know his birth date since we rescued him.
He had watermelon for the first time (that we know of) and loved it.
Zep and his evil accomplice (said teasingly) escaped twice, but they were unharmed. :-)
He started letting me pet his face and ears. Huge accomplishment!
Zep and his evil accomplice (intended as a joke) busted into my feed shed and got into the feed, but they didn't founder thankfully!

Goats, Aslan & Rip

We successfully birthed twins from all of our goats, except Jasmine who didn't get pregnant. So exciting! *more *more *more *more
Brought Aslan & Rip (who we gave to my dad) home.
Jasmine was very sick from bloat, but survived! I'm so happy she's okay.
We brought Sycamore (one of the kids we birthed this spring) home.
I had to sell all of my goats & Aslan.


We finally got some Delaware chickens. Yay!
We hatched out our first batch of eggs in the incubator, as well as several more batches, also hatched our first batch of turkeys in the incubator. I love hatching. It's so fun.
We got a batch of assorted bantams (I had always wanted bantams *smaller version of regular chickens* since I was a kid). Cool!
Our Phoenix hen successfully hatched out 5 batches of chicks all by herself! She even raised the last batch by herself. *more *more *more
We got turkeys!! And they are so awesome!
Our ducks hatched their first duckling.
We finally finished building our turkey coop.


We had the second largest snow I've ever seen in my life. :)
I got a new bicycle. :-)
I lost my Furminator, found it and have lost it again.
We rehomed Galaxy (she kicked Chrome in the face and threatened to kick me multiple times). She is now living happily on sixty acres with a bunch of other horses.
I got a gorilla cart and it's awesome!
I got a new job that I enjoy so much more than my old one.
We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. I love you hubby!
We got the lease land after waiting for several years. It came at just the right time and is such a blessing.
We got a new car. *cheer!*
I learned that I'm anemic and Vitamin D deficient and I feel so much better since I've started taking supplements.
I stopped eating fast food in August. It was really hard but has been so worth it both financially and health-wise.
I discovered I'm left brain dominant. Who knew?
My husband injured his back and has been out of work since September. It's been very stressful and scary, but I've learned a lot and grown more confident.
I got a new saddle for free! I LOVE my friends!
I won NaNoWriMo for the second year in a row! Hip Hip Hooray!
I got to visit my husband's family for Christmas. I hadn't seen them in three years so it was great to reacquaint with everyone.

Whew what a time consuming post! It was worth it though. So that's a quick recap of my year. Tomorrow I will post my goals for the new year. :)

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