Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm Back!

Sorry I sort of disappeared for a bit. I've been doing clicker training with Chrome daily for about four days straight now and I've been keeping a training journal on my computer so I can record our progress, then I remembered how much fun it is to share with everyone so I decided to start posting in Chrome's old blog. I'll still post about him here, but his training specific posts will be over there so he isn't hogging all the attention on this blog. He's been doing really fantastic and I am just floored at how much he still remembers! I love this colt. I also read back over his entire blog from the very first day I got him so I could remember everything that we'd been through and all of the training that we've done. The first thing I noticed is that he has a lot better self control now, so I really think the break did him some good. He also eats a wide variety of treats with gusto now, so that makes it easier. :) So anyway run over there to check out what we've been working on and be sure to follow if you want to keep track of our progress.


  1. Last night, I decided to start clicker training my cat, again. It has been a problem with the new dog--she wants to get in on the act. Anyway, the dog has gotten to the point where I can put her outside on her own without her having a meltdown. I got her out and started clicking Thunder.

    He remembered so much! We haven't done much of it since last summer. I think it is the nature of clicker training. The positive reinforcement makes a deep impression on them. It certainly is an amazing tool.

    I am going to keep it up with him, too, since now I have an option with the dog.

    Keep it up with Chrome. It has done wonders with Cole.

    Bowed tendons will completely heal, but they are susceptible to reinjury. Usually, a horse can't go back to what he used to do after a bowed tendon. Cruiser is no longer allowed to jump ditches!

  2. Thanks for answering my 'stupid question' last time!

    And how exciting that you're doing clicker training with Chrome! Are there big differences between training a horse and a dog?



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