Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First snow of the winter . . .

Above is my favorite picture of the shoot. :) We didn't get a ton of snow. Somewhere between a dusting and a decent covering lol. Like how scientific I am? Hehe. Anyway here are the random pictures I got. I'll get the pictures of us playing with the umbrella resized and posted as soon as possible. Enjoy!

I like how the flash makes the snowflakes stand out. :)

I love this picture even though the flash made his eyes glow.
And all of the white on his face is his gray showing through, not snowflakes. :)

Doesn't his new halter look so good? :)

Weird angle on this picture, but he was so cute I kept it. :)

I played around with lunging him a bit so I could (try) to get pictures of his trot.
He wasn't too sure because we haven't work on it before and the umbrella
was on the ground nearby. He was a good boy though.

More lunging, going downhill (my whole property slopes) now.

Pretty falling snowflakes on pretty colt.

I think he's starting to look gangly again. Maybe he's going into another growth spurt.

Well that's all for now. And don't worry I got pictures of Zeppelin too. I just haven't gotten them resized yet. I'll share them soon too.


  1. Just the right amount of snow! We are getting 4-8 from the storm that is happening right now.

    Beautiful pictures--and I love that halter.

  2. All that snow on his back makes him look like a roan or Appy.

  3. He's such a cutie. The snow on his back reminds me of chocolate cake with powdered sugar sprinkled on top. hehe!



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