Friday, January 14, 2011

Umbrella Fun With Chrome

Chrome was introduced to an umbrella last winter, but apparently he didn't remember it lol. When he showed fear of it I decided right then and there to spend a little time getting him comfortable with it. Here are the pictures of our session.

First I introduced him to it with it closed. He wasn't concerned with that at all.

He was fine with it touching him all over, although he didn't really like it on his face.

Then I moved it back and forth over his head. That didn't bother him.

When I opened it he was a little nervous.

Although nervous, he was curious.

It didn't take long for him to be okay with the opened umbrella.

Next I opened it above our heads. He really didn't like that and was trying to back away.

I led him around so that he could "chase" the umbrella to get more confident.

I also let him inspect it on the ground. Sorry this one is so blurry.

Pretty neck.

I did some lunging with him by the umbrella too.

We haven't really worked on lunging much so he didn't really know what he was doing lol.

After all of this work he was totally cool with the umbrella,
even with it above my head. He wanted to play with it again. :)

"Are we done with training mom? Can I have dinner now?"

He was so relaxed with the umbrella that he let me put
it on his back and slide it down his haunches.

I love how one side has snow and the other doesn't. :)

So I think it was a successful desensitization session. Now I just need to get the clicker out and start doing some training. It's just so cold!


  1. Nice work - if I could just get Dawn to come near an umbrella with clicker I'd consider it a triumph - she's deathly afraid of things like that, but particularly balloons.

  2. Good work, Chrome looks very chilled out about the whole thing. Don't blame you for not using the clicker, I use a tongue click when it's cold so I can still wear gloves lol! :)

  3. Good job!! It takes sooo much patience, doesn't it, to work with critters and desensitize them to things?!? I've had to do so much of that with Spike, and now Murphy. Thank goodness Sophie is pretty solidly ok with anything!

    Jen and the black dog crew

  4. I think Chrome did excellent. My horses usually either back up and rear or rip the rope out of my hands and take off running.

  5. JUST like dogs! they do this for testing in some dog ring sports. tho i don't know why you'd do it for a horse except if he was going to be around them a lot! i love the way you train him, just like a DOG!

  6. Better watch out--he may see ssomeone with an umbrella and think it is a toy, and get all excited and want to play with it.

    We have another thing in common. I used to be anemic, too. I went to the doctor--thinking I was going to die, but bloodwork showed the problem. I was really low. Iron suplements did the trick.

    The doctor didn't think of the cause because I live in the suburbs,, but a friend who is a pharmacist figured out the problem. Well water. Something in some people's well water inhibits absorbtion of iron.

    Once we switched over to city water, the problem fixed itself in a few years.

    Anyway, I was the sickest in hot weather, and the supplements helped tremendously. I was able to do hard work in hot weather without becoming faint. You may have one great summer this year!


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