Saturday, January 15, 2011

Peaceful Walk

I look weird in this picture because I was tugging on his lead rope to bring his head back around, but the reason I included it was to show you how dirty my piggy boy is (he loves rolling in our new garden spot) and also to show that I'm in short sleeves because it's finally warm enough to be outside without a jacket! Yay! It won't last, but it was a nice respite from the cold. Too bad I had to work all day.

I wasn't going to miss out on such a beautiful day though so as soon as I got off work I ran outside to get Chrome and we went for a nice, relaxing walk. :) I enjoyed myself a lot and I think he had fun too. He was sooooo well behaved. He made me proud. We haven't been on a walk in ages, but he acted like we hadn't missed a single day. He made scary eyes at a stump, but other than that didn't act spooky at all. He was excited around the neighbor's horses but listened very well. He wanted to trot at one point but came back to a walk with an 'eeeaaasy' from me without any contact on his lead. :) He didn't even bat an eyelash at vehicles or dogs. He was interested in the cattle though, but not spooky. All in all I give him an A++. He was great!

Tomorrow I'm doing Sunday Stills, then I have an award to post, but I promise I will get a post up soon about Jackal's crawling progress. I took a few days off due to some stuff going on, but I'm getting back into it. We were also working on a few other things that I'll show you. Just gotta get my hubby to take a video for me. :) Later!


  1. He is quite dirty, but still very beautiful :)

  2. Our horses have been absolutely filthy lately, after the rain/snow. And it doesn't help that our pastures are so muddy--they always manage to find the muddiest spot to roll in!

    That's awesome that he did so well on his walk.


  3. Okay, now I want to know where you live, but you won't tell us. Short sleeves in January? Awesome. If I don't put the horses in their stalls or get their blankets on before the sun sets, they roll in the mud to keep warm. I currently have three brown horses. I'm glad your walk went well. I think it helps to have just one horse, because you don't have to deal with the other horses running along the fence line screaming each time you try to take one for a walk.

  4. Sounds like a great walk. If it ever stops raining and snowing here, I might get some horse time in, but doesn't look that way anytime soon.
    Chrome looks great, even all muddy!


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