Monday, January 10, 2011

Jackal's Training

I've been doing short training sessions in the evenings with Jackal for the past week. I've been letting myself get frustrated that we aren't making a heck of a lot of progress on crawl, but tonight I realized something. I think a big part of the problem is that I'm single mindedly focusing on one behavior. It's making our sessions stiff and boring. Tonight I worked on several things. I worked on crawl, figure eights through my legs, down stays (which I never realized he doesn't know yet!!) and backing! I was pleasantly surprised with the backing. I thought that he didn't really listen to me or understand it very well, but he did it perfectly three times! I'm so proud of him. He retains information better than I do LOL.

On the down stays he broke it a couple of times, but then seemed to realize that stay applies in down too. I only went about three feet away. I proofed his sit stay a tiny bit, but I was in the kitchen which is small so I couldn't do much. He did his figure eights perfectly and they were a great stress reliever for when crawl got too intense. I'm teaching him to crawl by luring him under my arm, sort of the way I taught him to bow, only luring him further. He only just now tonight started to realize he can't pop back up. I'm hoping the down stays will help with that too as he realizes downs aren't something to immediately pop back out of.

Sorry I don't have video or anything. I realized I was putting off training because I felt like I needed to tape my sessions and that is such a pain to do. So what I'm going to do is just tape the finished behavior at the end of each month. We just aren't good enough to do instructional step by step videos lol. So wish me luck as I continue to stab away at crawl (and other things) this month! Breaking up the monotony is helping, that's for sure.

Also we got our first snow of the year yesterday so be watching for pictures and videos over the next few days. Chrome also had a spur of the moment umbrella desensitizing session yesterday. :) He didn't remember it from last year apparently. :D


  1. I'm glad you're starting work with jackal again! You're using your arm though? That just sounds awkward! How about under your legs? Crawl can be really hard for some dogs so keep at it!

    And you didn't need to go back and comment on all my blog posts! I read a lot of blogs too and only comment on certain ones when I have something I want to say. So I understand if you don't always comment or even always read :)

  2. Ahh that makes more sense now with your arm! You are further along then you described if you are able to move along with him for a few shuffles, even if you need a bit of pressure! I think working just plain duration with down will help too.

    I usually just lure the crawl inch by inch. I first click the stretch, then the tiniest shuffle. But some dogs have a hard time maintaining position. I can't say I have it all that great with Lance, he tends to stick his butt in the air while keeping his front elbows down. Don't worry about your method though, there's no right way to train anything!

    As for the multiple blogs, you went to one to make it easier for you! Most of your readers here are horse people (I'm assuming by the majority of your topics) and don't care about dog training, but it doesn't matter. Post what you want and when you want! Don't worry abut boring anyone :)

  3. Sounds like training is going great!

    First snow?
    What part of the country are you in? I thought you were pretty far north, but maybe not. Can't remember now.

    We got our first snow this week as well. Probably our only snow of the season. But that's Texas.



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